We invest the time to learn about you - your business, challenges, culture and industry, to develop the right solutions that make the connection between strategy-execution-communication. Whether you require integrated solutions or stand-alone projects, we deliver impactful results. Here are our areas of expertise.  


  • Recruitment
  • Talent Acquisition Strategy 
  • Orientation Programs
  • Employment Branding


  • Organizational Design
  • Performance Management 
  • Employee Engagement
  • Leadership & Employee Training
  • Career Management Coaching
  • Exit Interviews
  • Employee & Union Relations


  • Policy Development
  • Compliance Review
  • Terminations
  • HR Metrics & Analytics



Do you wonder why your resume doesn’t net an interview?

Studies show that Recruiters spend mere seconds scanning your resume. Therefore, it is critical that your resume captures their attention. Due to our extensive experience reviewing tens of thousands of resumes, we can help you maximize your chances of success. 

We aren’t a resume-writing service – we collaborate to optimize your resume through recommendations on content and format. We believe the greatest value we provide is to build your skills so you can apply our knowledge and tips independently in the future.  

Have you been on an interview that went really well, but you didn’t get the job?

We’ve all walked out of an interview feeling successful. But then the job was offered to someone else and you don’t know why. The reality is, most interviewers won’t share transparent feedback with candidates. Instead you are usually told that the reason is due to “fit” or “they went in another direction.” It’s very frustrating when you really want to know how you can improve. 

Our unique HireEdge program fills this void.  You will work with a coach who has extensive corporate recruiting experience and knows first-hand what companies look for.  Through multiple, in-depth interviews, you receive specific coaching on your performance such as your responses, body language, tone, etc., with the opportunity to practice with follow up interview sessions. In addition to the live interview, you will have an opportunity to experience various interview formats: phone, video, or panel. 

Do you know how to differentiate yourself from other applicants? 

This is a common problem faced by job seekers. Too often the best qualified candidates aren’t selected for the job. The learning is that there are many subjective factors involved in the hiring decision. 

Our HireEdge program incorporates coaching on these important factors which are assessed during the interview.  In some instances, the preferred candidate is identified before the job is even posted through referrals and networking. Based on your career path, we can help you develop a customized strategy to brand yourself and establish a network of promoters.  

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HireEdge Programs

HireEdge Core


This integrated program addresses the key components of the recruitment process. Each program is customized for 1:1 attention to focus on your unique requirements.   

The program includes 3 sessions, focused on:

  • Resume review and recommendations for maximum impact 
  • 2 practice interviews with coaching
  • Networking tips

HireEdge Plus



The Plus program builds on the Core program with enhanced coaching and tools. 

The program includes 5 sessions focused on:  

  • Resume review and recommendations for maximum impact
  • 3 practice interviews with coaching
  • Personal branding & networking strategy

Additional Services


We offer supplemental coaching such as: 

  • Interview Preparation
  • Developing strategic interview questions
  • Building a personal brand
  • Networking strategy
  • Behavioural interview training